Metafor International

A leading multidisciplinary team

Creators, designers, integrators, producers and distributors of Management and Leadership training programs.

Groupe Metafor International is a high-concept / high-touch Montreal-based Canadian Corporation serving the Global Business Community. The highly competent professional speakers, consultants and facilitators, members of Metafor Transnational Network, are strategically poised to support their clients in their efforts to achieve sustained productivity and sustained profitability both locally and globally.

Groupe Metafor International provides people and organizations with concrete tools and techniques to better deal with "What comes after what happens next". WorldWide!

Groupe Metafor International is also known as the turn-key Corporate Installer of
Strategy of the Dolphin! A powerful, elegant, transformational 'cross-platform' metaphor
for the 21st Century 2.0 Organization.

Strategy of the Dolphin!  is all about mastering the skills to :


                            Get Tough,
                                   Get Free,
                                         Get Focused,
                                                Get Going!

                                                            ... as a new kind of Team-player        

                                                            … as a new kind of Winner !

Groupe Metafor International is the world's largest producer/presenter of organizational change and self-development programs and materials based on the general systems models of American change theorist Dudley Lynch, President of Brain Technologies Corporation and lead-author of International Best-seller 'Strategy of the Dolphin'.

Groupe Metafor International holds an exclusive Licence from Brain Technologies Corporation for Strategy of the Dolphin / La Stratégie du Dauphin for Canada (French & English) and all French-speaking communities world-wide.

Strategy of the Dolphin! Seminars are designed to help develop Elegant Surfers who Ride the Wave powerfully and who know, with uncanny precision, the exact moment to Bifurcate! These Seminars are currently produced in English, French and Spanish.

What became possible after the Strategy of the Dolphin Seminars? 
"... cross-functional work between people in different departments became the new norm
and a new awareness that what was once deemed impossible could now be achieved ..."

The goals we pursued:

  1. Transform an unstable situation into a comfort zone.

  2. Ensure that Team members feel confident when dealing with complex, fast-moving multidimensional management challenges.  

  3. Favour audacious undertakings

[...] In other words, we are constantly facing an uncertain future and "Waiting to be sure = paralysis." Ergo, action comprises its share of risk. *And in order to take risks, one must have faith and confidence in one’s choices and vision.*

It is precisely this that Strategy of the Dolphin delivered to the Team! (2007).

"... Relationships and cooperation between members of the Executive Committee improved dramatically and positively impacted all managerial levels within the company. A new mindset has emerged since ... "

‘’It is very unusual in the institutional framework within which we work to be able to carry out such a seminar that does not judge, does not pigeon-hole people in categories, and yet manages to  provide crucial elements to fathom one’s own life... "

"The entire program will be very useful to me:
It seems to me that the whole thing cannot be split!"



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