The ideas in this revolutionary book mark the dawning of a new era in the art and sciences of sustainable development and growth - an era characterized by constant accelerating change.


There are three outdated myths prevalent in today's business climate: the myths of the shark, the carp, and the "PEC", that in the corporate and entrepreneurial environments you have only the choices of (1) going for a "win" no matter what (the shark), (2) avoiding a loss (the carp), or (3) settling too soon for a "win/ win" that really doesn't get everyone's needs met (the pseudo-enlightened carp, or PEC).

Winning in this day and age requires mastery of a very different kind of option, the strategy of the dolphin. This strategy is destined to supersede outmoded business behaviors as we enter the last decade of this century. Already, resourceful managers and forward-looking thinkers are emulating dolphin behavior and producing outstandingly good results.

Using the powerful metaphor of the dolphin to exemplify post-New Age thinking and potential challenges in the nineties, Dudley Lynch of Brain Technologies Corporation and a colleague in the 1980s Paul L. Kordis explore business needs utilizing many vantage points of new paradigm research, from Ilya Prigogine's Nobel Prize-winning discoveries on dissipative structures, to Clare W. Graves's "neurobiopsychosocial" change barriers, to Elliott Jacques's studies on the brain's "time horizons", to Benoît Mandelbrot's fractal geometries and the work of other chaologists.

The authors of Strategy of the Dolphin intend nothing less grand than to deliver greater power to the reader:

  1. Power to choose instantly, successfully, between the strategies of Take Over, Give In, Get Out, Trade-Off and Breakthrough.

  2. Power to think tougher, dream smarter, and focus beyond the limited vision of the carp/shark.

  3. Power to do more with less.

  4. Power to act flexibly, elegantly, and with endurance amid the accelerating waves of change.

  5. Power to design tools for self-change and self-targeting in mid-wave.

  6. Power to fight back when necessary.

  7. Power to focus ruthlessly on the 20% of your effort that delivers 80% of your significant results.

by Dudley Lynch and Paul L. Kordis

“Strategy of the Dolphin is a classic and a must read for anyone interested in transformational leadership in this 21st Century New World that is shaping up.”

    Michèle Carrier,
    President and cofounder, Groupe Metafor International

“Strategy of the Dolphin is a practical and business-oriented manual on how to be personally and institutionally more responsive to this new world that is forming.”

Richard Lamm,

Center for Public Policy

and Contemporary Issues



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