The result of 30 years of research and development in biology, psychology and sociology.
This approach takes into account the dynamics of the Individual, the Group, the Organization and the Pool...
four inseparable dimensions in constant interaction.


A three-day event during which we touch, through the dynamic metaphor of the Dolphin and the Waves, on topics of the utmost importance that will be on the agenda for the coming decade.

Topics such as transformational change, change management, effective interpersonal and group communication, creation and development of high-performance teams, Work 2.0, individual responsibility, resilience, subsidiarity, restructuring ...


A three-day event during which we explore business needs utilizing many vantage points of new paradigm research, from Ilya Prigogine's Nobel Prize-winning discoveries on dissipative structures, to Clare W. Graves's "neurobiopsychosocial" change barriers, to Elliott Jacques's studies on the brain's "time horizons", to Benoît Mandelbrot's fractal geometries and the work of other chaologists.


Experience STRATEGY OF THE DOLPHIN! in a competent, fun-filled, challenging, secure environment mindful of individuals and organizations.

STRATEGY OF THE DOLPHIN! is successfully offered to individuals, private enterprise and public agencies in the Americas, Canada, Europe and North Africa.


A Unique World-class Experience.

An Exclusive METAFOR Production.



Strategy of the Dolphin!

Strategy of the Dolphin!

Transformational Leadership

A Fast-Track World-Class
3-Day Exciting Seminar

Five Learning Platforms

Mastering the skills you need to get tough,

to get free, get focused and get going as

a new Team Player…

a new kind of winner





METAFOR Personal Optimum Performance

For a sustainable development of your Talent !



METAFOR Team Optimum Performance

For a sustainable development of your Teams!

The success of the STRATEGY of the DOLPHIN! Seminars
stems from the combination of its quality concrete tools
(unique learning platforms under license from Brain Technologies)
and the immersive and interactive seminar designed, produced and delivered by

Groupe METAFOR International.

If you aim at developing new and better thinking skills, new action-oriented strategies and if you intend to become more efficient and effective in a new world that changes at a faster pace than ever before, then this Seminar is for you!

Our Team/Group intensive Seminars are carefully planned and concocted  with your Organization in mind in order to offer you unique custom-tailored learning experiences designed and delivered by Groupe METAFOR International senior training experts and consultants to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.

Strategy of the Dolphin! Public Seminars

Participants come from different horizons.  
An enriched and enhanced learning experience

through diversity.

Collaborative Work :  A Dolphin Specialty!

Individual Training          Group Impact

Team Training          Organizational Impact

Boost your Team results and cross-functional performance!



Think Tougher,

Focus Harder,
Dream Smarter and...
Win more often than Sharks !



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