A guide to how your brain creates your personal and professional  worlds

The BrainMap

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quality and excitement into 
how people 
learn and think!

There's no better instrument for triggering growth and change than a mirrored mind. And no better mirror than The BrainMap. It's the instrument-of-choice when people need to discover their options.

The BrainMap is a one-of-a-kind learning inventory based on Nobel-Prize-winning research into human brain functions. Guided by The BrainMap results, you can change how you think by changing what you do !

The BrainMap is different from other brain-dominance inventories because it is self-scored and essentially self-interpreted.

Build personal self-awareness and help in defining new growth goals.

Pinpoint strategic weaknesses in a group's behavior.

Help individuals with career and retirement choices.
Decide where to aim new resources.

Trigger honest dialogue over genuine differences in abilities, viewpoints and expectations.

Identify key stakeholders and how they think.

Bring new diagnostic powers to team development and corporate change programs.

"We like The BrainMap because it is easy to administer and opens our seminar participants' minds to the powerful implications of thinking preferences"

John Powell
Senior Training Instructor

GTE South Florida

Telephone Operations

With The BrainMap, you can first explore your own mental styles and habits. Then, by combining your results, you and your team members can talk in clear, concrete terms about how to merge your mutual worlds cooperatively and profitably.

The BrainMap can ignite the qualities of mind you need to get to your goals.

The BrainMap is used to:



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