Do you, do they like to gamble on the odds,

or do you, do they prefer security and predictability?

How important is playing by the rules?

Having the one best answer?

Being given a lot of responsibility?

Is power a primary motivation?

What kind of power?

And what kind of rewards are expected?

This sophisticated new technology can tell you !

One of the games people and their organizations play is Blank Slate. One of the penalties the players pay is crippled results. One of the best solutions is MindMaker6.

MindMaker6 can provide highly useful "people intelligence" in many crucial areas, whether the information is for you personally or for your group, team or organization.

With a blank slate, you can write anything you want and erase it without a trace. But you can't do that with people. With people, you can never know too much about where they're coming from, about what they believe in, about what they will almost automatically accept and reject. To gauge our deepest values and priorities, MindMaker6 uses some of today's most advanced insights. Here are results you can count on as a MindMaker6 user:

quality and excitement into 
how people 
learn and think!

New strategies for "getting in sync". MindMaker6 is a sensitive "surveyor's tool" for helping management, employees, market decision-makers, regulators and critics understand the frameworks for each others' points of view and their motivational trigger points.

Valuable new perspectives to defuse conflict. MindMaker6 identifies a person's or group's strongest values and beliefs in six major categories (cosmic, self, intimates, work, social and substance) and equips everyone to discuss where he or she is coming from, and why.

A dependable compass setting for growth. With MindMaker6, change agents can know where they are starting from and describe with considerable precision where they want to go to solve problems mutually and satisfactorily.

Insights for leadership. It can be self-defeating to act without knowing how deeply you and your people feel, and what the strengths and nature of your commitments are-that's invaluable information for leadership in a complex world.

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