How to tap the power of your personal purpose


PathPrimer takes the subject of goal-setting,
vision-building, development of mission statements, identification of core competencies, etc.,
to a powerful new level.

The best and worst of times - when does it appear that you were on purpose or off purpose, and what do these experiences suggest about the search for meaning in your life?
Left and right-brain perspectives - what insights are available from the cause-and-effect observer in you and also the part that looks for the novel and the "illogical"?
quality and excitement into 
how people 
learn and think!
What is needed to actualize your purpose now - 
what new allies are needed, or satisfactions, 
or results?

PathPrimer  provides organizations with an exciting new line of inquiry for improving quality and productivity, since organizations can only hope to be on purpose if their members are.

PathPrimer is designed to help you "lock in" the gains in performance and satisfaction

available to you when you get in touch and in sync with your personal purpose.
PathPrimer directs its user to examine:

The key issues of purpose - is there a central theme important to you that can last a lifetime, is bigger than you, is free of reaction, is never mistaken for the outcome, is more powerful than your values, points you toward action and is specific, detailed and highly personalized?
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