A “Strategies for Thinking” tool to help you make choices that succeed 

The mCircle

quality and excitement into 
how people 
learn and think!

In unforgettable fashion, The mCircle Instrument makes you keenly aware of what other options are available,

what they do, when they work best and what their outcomes can be.

When the going gets rough, do you and your team get out, give in, try to take over, attempt a trade off or go for a breakthrough?

With this unique learning tool, you can quickly discover what each of your typical "up against the wall" strategies are. And what strategies might work better under the circumstances. A potent new instrument has taken the name of a powerful old idea to help you deliver on critically important needs: To work smarter, not harder. Do more with less. And go beyond "yes."


A genuinely new way to synthesize the best thinking on breakthrough problem-solving and "dilemma" resolution is available in The mCircle Instrument. The basic idea comes from the Greek word metanoein: "to change one's mind." And it all comes together on the "m", or metanoics, Circle, a "compass" that points you to these quality outcomes:

An end to energy-wasting drama. 
Greek tragedies work best in the theater, 
not in "zero sum" business environments.
Opening up new choices. 
This instrument helps its user differentiate between the needs for simple problem-solving solutions and the need for diamond-hard, emotions-testing, innovation-producing outcomes.
Going beyond win/win. 
The secret is the art of reframing, of building on the mind's ability to break set. This is exactly what The mCircle Instrument is designed to teach and to encourage "working smarter, not harder" through flexibility, synergy, doing more with less and going beyond "yes"
Overriding inappropriate behaviors.
Giving in, for example, can be a powerful strategy, but only if it is used strategically. The mCircle Instrument identifies its user's typical patterns for resolving problems and points the way to a wider, more effective range of "action" options.
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